We are your business partner. We provide full legal coverage so you don’t have to worry about anything.

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Counsel Plan

Your legal plan to address any commercial law issue. We take care of everything before anything happens so you don’t have to worry about any legal issue regarding your company.

  • Minutes books keeping

  •  Minutes drafting

  •  Accounts presentation

  •   Counsel on the administration boards and counsels of directores

  •   Revision and drafting of mercantile contracts

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 Tax Plan

Whether you are a company or a freelance we will make your financial planning a breeze. With the correct plan you will save money and be sure you are doing things right. This plan includes:

  • Presentation of models and mandatory taxes

  • Accounts keeping

  • Tax planning

  • Day-to-day tax advice

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 Human Resources plan

We got your human resources covered: we offer you the complete plan to support your human resources team. We have plenty of experience in human resources law and we will find the perfect fit for you:


  • Payroll management and preparation

  • Day-to-day labour and payroll issues advice

  • Advice on social security matters

  • Counsel on human resources



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