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We are an independent law firm dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals and guarantee their peace of mind and safety. We were founded in 1995 by Ignacio López-Hermoso Agius. Step by step we became a benchmark in Commercial Law with a B2B approach.

While we are constantly evolving we still cherish our story and trajectory. We remaining at the forefront of legal knowledge and the defense of our clients. We’re people helping people and bringing human back to law. The legal sector has already changed, and we have changed with it.

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Our Values


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Mercedes Lázaro


Mercedes has a successful career in the field of commercial and corporate law. She is meticulous and there is not a detail she doesn’t take into account. She advises important companies in different sectors, forming part of their boards of directors.

She enjoys long walks on the beach and impressionist art.

“We must go beyond the legal needs of the client. We are part of your company, and therefore, of your business”.


Olga Lázaro

Tax Law and Accounting Partner

Olga is our expert in Tax Law and Accounting. Her accounting knowledge allows her to provide a global view of her clients taxation and plan their tax needs. Her strategic vision allows his clients to save considerably through optimal tax planning.

 In her free time, you’ll find Olga playing football or in the boxing ring.

“Today, either you innovate or you stay off side.”


Susana Lázaro

Labour Law and payroll management Partner 

Susana has extensive knowledge of Labor Law, Human Resources and Risk Prevention. Her global approach allows her to have a complete vision of the situation of any company and helps her minimize her labor contingencies and optimize human resources. She advises banks, communication agencies and big companies in the world of optics and distribution, among other sectors.

She adores her family, painting, handcrafts and restoring furniture.

“The most important thing in any company is a well-made payroll. From there, we build all their activity.” 


Ignacio López-Hermoso

CEO. Commercial law and litigation partner

Ignacio is a born nonconformist. He is never happy until he knows he has found the right approach or solution for a client. After completing his training in prestigious national law firms, Ignacio joined our project in 2017. Since then, we have been compelled by his obsession for excellence in everything we do.

He enjoys reading, theatre and sports.

“Always put the most of you in the least you do.”


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